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Authentic recreation of a legendary pedal.

When people talk about overdrive and distortion pedals there are a few which normally tend to pop up in conversation. Tubescreamers are the obvious name drop as are Klons and even the infamous Boss Metalzone MT-2 and rightly so as these are all massively influential pedals which have inspired numerous drive pedals since.

There is another pedal sitting with the greats which may be seen as the underdog in sales terms but for many including most in our team the Pro Co RAT is one of the best.

Edging on distortion/fuzz territory with a totally non smooth break up when playing chords, RAT style pedals can sound very amp like. That changes massively when playing lead notes as RAT style pedals sing sweetly in what feels to be a juxtaposition to gritty aforementioned chords.

So JAM know a thing or two about classic pedals, especially the original RAT’s featuring the elusive LM308N chip which they have found a source of NOS (new old stock) parts for. This has resulted in the RATTLER, a near faithful recreation of the best RATs ever made and what has changed is all for the better such as featuring an LED on/off indicator.


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