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The Ouroboros combines the Trembulator and Mangler in one pedal!

The Trembulator is a super-fast tremolo by GojiraFX which provides a wide range of tremolo sounds and a great vibe/ring effect.
The Gojira Mangler is a self-oscillating synth/octave/filter Fuzz pedal which can be used as a stand-alone drone box or as an input signal to control the frequency/sweep of the oscillator giving a wide range of fuzz tones.

Left side – Trembulator

Volume – Controls the overall output volume.

Pulse – Controls the speed of the tremolo from slow to constant.

Balance – Gives you full control while blending the tremolo into your signal.

Intensity – Controls the wave/shape of the tremolo pulse, allowing you to control between soft, warm pulses to sharp and choppy.

Right Side – Mangler

Volume – Controls the overall output volume.

Frequency – Controls the frequency of the oscillator.

Sensitivity – Controls input signal’s envelope sweep.

Threshold – Oscillator Trigger.

Custom artwork can be uploaded once your order is placed.

9volt DC


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