Gojira 808


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Inspired by the classic 808 TS style pedal the Gojira 808 provides a transparent overdrive which adds a real crunch and beautiful tone to your sound!
Often used to push those high gain metal tones enhancing certain frequencies that drops some bass pushes some mids and tightens up the overall tone.
or Get those SR V tones by pushing a valve amp just right.

The Volume Knob controls the overall output volume.

The Tone Knob controls your tone from bass to treble.

The Gain Knob controls the amount of gain (overdrive).

Symmetrical/Asymmetrical diode clipping switch to give more range in your tone.

Now comes in a smaller powder coated enclosure -11cmx6cmx3cm

Artwork can be customised at no extra cost – simply select the drop-down ‘I want custom artwork’ and upload your file once you have placed your order.

9volt DC


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