BMB Drive


Modern sounding overdrive with fuzz like flavours at higher gain settings.

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Tate FX created this pedal in 2017 and in the year that followed The Brexit Pedal (Now called The BMB – Drive) has reached all corners of the globe.
What surprises most people is just how damn good the pedal actually is as many bought it as a political statement of one type or another.

At its heart the BMB Drive is a RAT style pedal but Tate FX go out of their way to use the highest quality components on the market (It’s quite usual for Stuart to message me after midnight about a new component he has been experimenting with – Lee)
The Racism knob controls the overall volume.
The Recession knob controls the tone with a wide but usable sweep through the frequencies.
The Farrage nob, controls the amount of gain from low gritty crunch through to fuzz like high gain.
All pedals have sweet spots and personally I find the gain between 10-11 o’clock settings to be a wonderful place to run between gritty harmonically rich chords and smooth lead work edging on the fuzzy break-up on double stops.

Personally this was my pedal of 2017 and probably the only decent thing to come out of the Brexit situation. At a price point that wont bankrupt the country this is a must have for all pedalboard fanatics and newbies alike.


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