Fall Of Troy



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Sleeping Dog FX brings you the all new “Fall of Troy” fuzz monster.

This is the new standard in fuzz pedals, especially if you’re reaching for that Stoner rock – Desert Rock edge. Forged from technologies found in Matt Pikes ash tray and Fu Manchu’s refrigerator, The Fall of Troy Fuzz will leave you dazed and confused by the level of fuzzy awesomeness this little machine is capable of achieving. The Fall of Troy promises more girth than Electric Wizard, More fuzz than a big muff and more sustain than a Les Paul on Viagra! With its Volume, Gain and EQ controls you’ll be in Fuzz tone heaven dialling in the optimum level of sonic mayhem. Also with the addition of a 3 way tone switch offering Flat, Classic (hump) and Scooped mids, and the Desert or Stoner switch, the Fall of Troy fuzz machine will have whiting out on all its tone shaping options. The Sleeping Dog FX Fall of Troy is equally at home in a live or studio setting Featuring: Gain – Sets the Level of Gain produced by the circuit. start on Lower settings and adjust to taste EQ – The EQ control lets you dial in the perfect amount of Low or High frequency content to your signal. Volume – Sets the Output level of the distortion unit 3 Way tone switch – Offering 3 different tone settings for the mids giving you a huge variety of options from flat mids, classic – midrange hump to scooped mids. Stoner / Desert switch: changes the clipping section from symmetrical silicon diodes to symmetrical Led’s giving you a huge boost in the overall available output

  • Features
  • True bypass wiring – so that your clean signal is unaffected when not in use.
  • High quality audio grade components
  • High quality input and output jacks
  • High Quality Bright white LED
  • Requires 9V dc Centre negative power supply (Not supplied)
  • Presented in an awesome silk screened crystal white enclosure


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