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Sleeping Dog FX “OctoDog” octave machine.

Sleeping Dog FX brings you the “OctoDog” octave machine. An all analogue Octave machine giving you a slightly fuzzy upper octave, two clean sub octaves (1 octave down and 2 octaves down) along with the ability to blend in a varying amount of the clean bypassed signal so that you don’t lose your original tone and playing dynamics. That’s not where the fun stops though as the Sleeping Dog FX OctoDog allows you to dial in any variation of the four Octaves for some blistering out of this world octave insanity! This means with its four independent controls you can have a clean boost only, Fuzzy upper octave only, a Clean 1 Octave down, a clean 2 octaves down OR any combination of the four. All this brought to you in one package for an infinite variety of options for all guitarists. With it’s all analogue signal path and true bypass switching you can be sure that your original tone is not compromised. The Sleeping Dog FX OctoDog offers fantastic tracking in this analogue effect ensuring that it can keep up with the quickest of guitarists out there and still deliver the goods. From Single octave effects, to Octave textures and adding thickness to rhythm parts or even for all out blistering octave madness and everything in between the Sleeping Dog FX OctoDog Does it all.


  • Clean Volume, 1 upper Octave Volume.
  • 1 Sub Octave Volume and 2 Sub Octave Volume allowing you to tune your tone.
  • All Analogue design
  • True Bypass switching for a clean bypassed tone
  • Handpicked audio quality components
  • High Quality LED High Quality “long life” input and output sockets
  • Requires a 9V DC 2.1mm (Centre negative) power supply (Not supplied)
  • Presented in a Lovely Black sparkly silkscreened enclsoure.


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