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Currently only available in the UK and EU (available everywhere else soon!)

A dirty guitar boost pedal with instant vintage character.

The design

“The Trouble Booster is my version of the classic treble booster. It’s based around that old-familiar snarl, but provides a much wider palette of tones and is far more responsive; It’s the perfect combination of vintage sound and modern performance.” Rhys Stubbs, design engineer


The Trouble Booster is designed around an original germanium transistor, producing a fat overdriven tone with smooth compression. It boosts your guitar into the input of your amplifier, creating a natural overdrive packed full of harmonics and huge sustain. The invaluable addition of a ‘Bright’ switch allows you to remove unwanted bass frequencies for increased note definition.


  • A dirty boost guitar pedal for increasing sustain, drive and warmth.
  • All-analogue, featuring a NOS germanium transistor.
  • A Bright switch for tightening bass frequencies.
  • A Volume control for setting the output level.
  • Hand-built in England, UK.
  • Powered by a 9vDC power supply or a PP3 battery.

The press

“If you are looking for extra richness, harmonics and sustain, this delivers in two distinct flavours.” Guitarist magazine

“It’s sonic magic!” Guitar Player magazine

“Exceptionally dynamic and moldable.” Premier Guitar


“Just spent a few days in the studio with it and had a blast.” Marc Ford (The Black Crowes/Ben Harper/Gov’t Mule)


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