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Currently only available in the UK and EU (available everywhere else soon!)

A passive guitar octave pedal with supreme clarity.

The design

“The Octo Puss is a boutique quality pedal without the boutique price-tag. It adds an octave-up effect to your existing setup without requiring a battery or power supply. This means you can keep your beloved guitar tone in-tact whilst injecting your playing with a fantastic new colour.” Rhys Stubbs, design engineer


The Octo Puss is unusual in its design; it is completely passive, meaning it does not require a power supply or batteries of any kind. It is a studio quality analogue octave pedal without any additional circuitry, so you can combine it with any of your favourite pedals, or use it clean. Thanks to our very own audio transformer and a pair of original germanium diodes, this pedal has the greatest frequency response and dynamic range in the world.


  • An affordable, mini, boutique guitar octave pedal.
  • All-analogue, featuring germanium diodes and a custom transformer.
  • Doesn’t require a battery or power supply.
  • Hand-built in England, UK.
  • True bypass switching.

The press

“It really comes alive, offering an extra dimension to single notes as that octave harmonic comes through, plus a veneer of brightness on chords.” Guitarist magazine

The Octo Puss was ranked #2 in 6 of the best mini effects pedals, Music Radar


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