Thunder Pup


High gain overdrive/Distortion Low gain Overdrive/Distortion

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Currently only available in the UK and EU (available everywhere else soon!)

The ultimate British guitar overdrive pedal.

The design

“The Thunder Pup is my lowest gain design. I captured the tones from two of my favourite old amps and reincarnated them as one highly versatile pedal. This is the perfect tool for any low to medium gain application where you want a natural overdrive that is more like an amp than a pedal, not just in terms of sound, but in feel too.” Rhys Stubbs, design engineer


The Thunder Pup is a two channel overdrive pedal based on two classic British amplifier designs. The ‘Big Amp’ mode has the fat compressed lows and muscular midrange push of a 4×12 stack, while The ‘Little Amp’ mode has a faster attack in the lows, cleaner mids, and more air in the highs like a vintage 2×12 combo. The modest controls are extremely flexible; the ‘Gain’ control adds more bite by exciting the high frequencies, and the ‘Volume’ control increases the energy in the low frequencies, just like the original amplifiers.


  • A 2 channel British guitar overdrive pedal.
  • All-analogue.
  • Switch between a 4×12″ stack and a 2×12″ combo sound.
  • A Gain control for setting the desired amount of distortion.
  • A Volume control for setting the output level.
  • Hand-built in England, UK.
  • Powered by a 9vDC power supply or a 9v PP3 battery.

The press

“Two Brit voices with superlative sound in one box.” Guitarist magazine – Guitarist Choice award winner!

“This pedal is absolutely a Brit stack and a combo in one box. Great concept/awesome pedal.”


“Rich’s favourite pedal. Finally got it into the rack and Rich loves it!” Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes)


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