Hey, so does anyone actually read this stuff?

I guess you do huh.

So you may or may not be aware that this shop was born out of a the worlds largest Facebook group dedicated to effects pedals.

There is so much more to the story however, we saw small companies one after another try and fail to succeed because people are often afraid of what they don’t know. That in itself is human nature.

We thought that it would be helpful if we took some of the guess-work out of it for everyone and give the new guys a fighting chance.

So we started a Youtube channel and this shop. Many of the pedals here I have tried myself and believe me, if its crap it doesn’t get in.

We also encourage bigger companies to join to add some comparison.

So far so good, the group is growing rapidly and we have even made release day demos for big companies.

This is as a result of people like you who took time to read this believing in what we are trying to achieve.

Thank You